Sol Hashemi
Born 1987, Vancouver, WA
Lives and works between Seattle and NYC

Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions

@Afterwards, What Comes Before is Different. James Harris Gallery, Seattle

@Technical Support. Annarumma Gallery, Naples, Italy
@Software Update / System Build. Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

@Industry Standard. James Harris Gallery, Seattle
@Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Booth 306, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle. With Carson Fisk-Vittori and Elizabeth Abrahamson

@All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Fred Wildlife, Seattle. With Jason Hirata. Curated by Michael Van Horn
@Rock Show. James Harris Gallery, Seattle

@Metabolizing Costco. Ditch Projects, Springfield OR. With Rebar Neimi. Curated by Jessica Powers.
@Hidden Snacks. Punch Gallery, Seattle. With Jason Hirata
@Object History Awareness. Gallery4Culture, Seattle
@To Be Like That Which You Have. Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle. With Jason Hirata

@The Gift Shop Presents: Presents. Henry Art Gallery, Seattle. With Claire Cowie and Jason Hirata.
@Generally, incidentally, light. The Dirty Shed, at the residence of Betsey Brock and Eric Fredericksen, Seattle. With Jason Hirata
@Please Stand By; Stand By Me. Punch Gallery, Seattle. With Jason Hirata

Group Exhibitions

@Strange Coupling. University of Washington School of Art, Seattle. With Paul Baughman
@Under Foundations. Sculpture Center. Long Island City, NY. Curated by Jess Wilcox.

@From Callahan to Warhol: New Acquisitions. Portland Art Museum. Portland
@ULO Part 1. Interstate Projects, Brooklyn. Curated by Zachary Davis

@Turnpike. Neverland Space, Online/Zurich. Curated by Vincent Uribe
@Dream Island. Royal College of Art, London. With Jason Hirata. Curated by Juste Kostikovaite
@Peculiar Poetics. Design Cloud Gallery, Chicago. Curated by Alysia Alex

@Variable Control. Third Party Gallery, Cincinatti, Ohio. With Elizabeth Abrahamson and Carson Fisk-Vittori
@Aesthetics Room. Mr. Kitly, Melbourne AU. Curated by Kim Brockett

@Letha Wilson and Sol Hashemi. LVL3 Gallery at MDW Fair, Chicago
@Bubble Belly. MotelLucie at Artissima Lido. Turin, Italy
@Group Affinity. Kunstverein München, Munich
@Wild Kingdom. Texas State University, San Marcos
@The Pajama Game. NEPO House, Seatle. Curated by Jason Hirata

@Mirror Mirror. James Harris Gallery, Seattle
@Stream: A photograph projection show. Pent House Gallery, Baltimore +Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles. Curated by Jennilee Marigomen and Andrew Laumann
@Chilliwack International Biennial. Lake Cultus, British Columbia, Canada
@aLiVe at Bellwether 2010. Bellevue City Hall. Bellevue, WA

@Winner Takes All. Punch Gallery, Seattle
@Call and Response: Crawl Space Gallery, Seattle Juror – Jeffry Mitchell

@Aqua Art Miami. Punch Gallery, Miami
@Works on Paper + Small 3D. Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle. Juror - Michael Darling. Juror’s Award

@A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck. Punch and SOIL galleries, Seattle. Juror - Eric Fredericksen. Juror’s Award

Grants and Awards

Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award. Seattle Art Museum 2013
Sea-Cat Artist Grant (Seattle Catalogue) 2012
Site-Specific Award for the NW Flower and Garden Show. 4Culture, Seattle
Artsparks Award. Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 2010
Mary Gates Research Scholar. 7th Annual Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities: U. of W. 2008
Matt J. Jarvis Travel Award For Photography. University of Washington 2008

Screenings, Projects, and Performances

Light Movement. The Perfect Nothing Catalog, Brooklyn. 2014
Garage Sale. Seattle Art Museum. With Elizabeth Abrahamson 2012
Undisclosed Title. Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. With Jason Hirata 2011
Untitled Workshop. Seattle University. With Jason Hirata 2010
Glow in the Dark Slideshow. Henry Art Gallery, Seattle 2009
Untitled (Light Sculpture Performance). Henry Art Gallery 2009

Artist Lectures

University of Washington, 3D4M
Photo Center Northwest. Seattle
University of Washington, Photography. With Elizabeth Abrahamson and Carson Fisk Vittori
2011, 2010
University of Washington, Photography.


/pos. 2013

Public Collections

Portland Art Museum, Portland OR


BFA in Photography, University of Washington


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